Quiz Tuesday part 21


 See that pile of brush on the right? That’s an alligator nest, also known as the mound.

In June, the female lays about 40 eggs which take 65 days to hatch (higher temperatures during incubation result in males, while slightly cooler temperatures, result in females). The mother alligator will actually assist the hatchlings to break out of their shells. She hears the baby grunt from inside the shell and lifts the egg in her mouth and rolls it around against the roof of her mouth with her tongue. This cracks the egg and the little one is able to escape.

The mother will stay with her offsprings for several months and protect them from predators, including daddy dearest, who will fed on them ;-).

Today’s question: How many alligators can you find in the photo (feel free to enlarge it)?

PS If you are really good, next time I’ll describe the alligator courtship 😉


~ by Isabella on April 24, 2007.

2 Responses to “Quiz Tuesday part 21”

  1. great SNAP SHOT ! love the music while browsing the photos by the way… nice one

  2. the music is very good mind

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