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Coconut Point Festival of the Arts

If ever a Genie offered to grant me one wish, I would not hesitate for a second! I’d wish I could paint! My entire family is very artistic – painters, sculptors and designers. I am the only misfit – I can not draw a circle…And sadly, I do not have any other talents to compensate for it 😉

I was musing on the subject this week-end, while attending the Art Festival at Coconut Point. The pure talent and the creativity of some artists is astounding. But in the end, what drew me the most was this booth; it was the only one that stirred a myriad of (private!) emotions in me.

Sure, a photograph might preserve the moment, but only a painting can safeguard the

Update, in response to many of your comments:
Well obviously, I did not express myself well enough, as happens often ;-).
Undeniably, I can be moved by viewing a photo as well as a painting. But I am talking about the creative part of it – by taking a photo I capture the moment, but if I was to paint the same scene, I would put my own interpretation into it…my own feelings…my remembrances…my own spin on it…Do I make sense?


~ by Isabella on April 5, 2007.

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