Come along! #5


This is the fifth installment in a week-long series, where you can join me on a daily walk through my community. Comfortable shoes – mandatory! Floppy sun hat – optional 😉

Well, you finally showed up! I’ve been waiting patiently, tapping my sneakered foot to the beat of Motown. All set? We are curving to the left, passing by the estate homes (this one’s about $5M) and the golf course (watch out for errant balls!).

This is a good time to dispel some misconceptions about Southwest Florida. Look at that deep blue sky – do you know what is signifies? Yes, it is dry here today. As a matter of fact, our dry season is from October till May. Low humidity, no bugs, not many days above 85°F/29°C. Why do you think Florida is so popular during winter?

Summer…well, that’s a whole different kettle of fish 😉


~ by Isabella on March 19, 2007.

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