Guess what I stumbled upon, while beachcombing on Big Hickory Island? A Bald Eagle nest! Again, I must apologize for the lack of zoom on my antiquated Kodak digital, but you keep ignoring my pleas 😉

He or she (one way to determine the sex of an eagle is to examine its beak – hello! do I look crazy to you?) let me creep up pretty close, but as you can see, was clearly concerned, so I did not overstay my welcome.

What I found fascinating reading up on our national bird is that:

1. They mate for life
2. They use the same nest year after year, ergo…
3. …Over the years, some nests become enormous, as much as 9 feet in diameter, weighing two tons (2.75 meters and 1800 kg)
4. While on the nest with very young eaglets, parents move about with their talons balled into fists to avoid accidentally skewering their offspring.

Aw, how sweet is that?


~ by Isabella on March 12, 2007.

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