I know how queasy you get by some of my alligator posts, so I intend to exploit it fully 😉

Here we have another pair of Moorhens frolicking only a few feet away from the gator. This handsome fellow looks to be about 6 feet long (the largest alligator ever recorded in Florida was 17 feet 5 inches long or 5.3 meters) and seems totally disinterested. All tuckered out? Full tummy?

Or maybe, with Spring in the air he’s more interested in love than war…

Update: Some of your comments made me think – human deaths caused by alligators have increased in recent years (11 people were killed by alligators from 2001 to 2006).
If you want me to continue bringing you these extreme (!) photos, may I suggest that you take up a collection to buy me a camera with a zoom lens, so I don’t have to jeopardize my life each day for the cause 😉


~ by Isabella on March 7, 2007.

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