Washing Day


The striking anhinga, black darter, snakebird, water turkey – whichever name you call this bird in your part of the world – is a frequent star on this blog. He might not be the most graceful looking bird but his personality makes up for it ;-). Check out my previous posts here, there and yonder.

The anhinga is a water bird, a close cousin of a cormorant. It does not have oil glands for waterproofing its feathers like most water birds. So after a quick dive underwater to get a fishy snack, it must spread its wings to dry in the sun.

“The cormorants

 hang their feathers

out to dry –

black velvet rags

showing threadbare

in the wind.

Like old women

living in the past,

they tend their

tattered finery

with talon fingers

and black

remembering eyes.”


Rita Summers Washing Day


~ by Isabella on March 2, 2007.

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