Today’s post represents how I feel, after the roaring success of my 100th post party yesterday! Thank you all for coming and showing your support for NDP. Nothing can bring me down today, not even my neighbor’s complaints about the noise last night 😉

I spiral on unseen currents,
loftily, without effort
I leave the earth behind
on a soft breeze
absorbing the kissing sun
up here blanketed from all sound
save the soft flutter
of my feathers.
I oversee the earth,
the continuous struggle
for perspective and position,
knowing my place–
and uninhibited,
I choose my direction and
remain aloft as long as
it suits me.
I, the hawk,
free as air
define my days,
gliding unnoticed,
dreamlike through broad loops,
my shadow lost in the landscape,
and for an instant,
I know
I am the finishing detail
in God’s composition.”

Charles Albano


~ by Isabella on February 25, 2007.

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