Material girl


Valentine’s Day display at Tiffany’s in Naples.


As my gift to you on this Valentine’s Day, I am disabling my customary music accompaniment so you can sing along with Marilyn. Ready? OK, let me hear you…little louder, please…

“The French were bred to die for love
they delight in fighting duels
but I prefer a man who lives
and gives expensive jewels.
A kiss on the hand may be quite continental
but diamonds are a girl’s best friend.
A kiss may be grand but it won’t pay the rental
on your humble flat, or help you at the automat.
Men grow cold as girls grow old
and we all lose our charms in the end.
But square-cut or pear-shaped
these rocks don’t lose their shape
Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.
Tiffany’s … Cartier…
Talk to me, Harry, Winston,tell me all about it!”


(From: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes) sung by Marilyn Monroe and you, music by Jules Styne, lyrics by Leo Robin


~ by Isabella on February 14, 2007.

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