Pelican brief


I’ve always had a soft spot for Brown Pelicans. They seem to defy gravity when they launch their heavy (up to 15 lbs!) bellies into the air. And they look rather comical with their short, stubby legs and fat pouches under their long bills (not unlike my uncle Teddy, but I digress).

But not everyone is thrilled with pelicans. They are a big nuisance to fisherman, by hanging around the fishing piers and stealing their catch. Losing one fish to a bird is not a catastrophe. The real problem arises when the pelicans get hooked themselves, or get tangled in fishing line – they can get seriously hurt.

There’s a Conservancy group in Naples that rehabilitates wounded pelicans, but it’s like putting a band-aid on bullet wounds. There should be some resolution to the fisherman-pelicans controversy…Maybe we need to put up a sign: “No pelicans allowed on fishing pier”. Think it will work?


~ by Isabella on January 24, 2007.

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